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From CC* to Science DMZ as a Service: The Penn State Approach

Time 09/26/16 11:20AM-12:10PM

Room Brickell

Session Abstract

The Science DMZ design model has been established as a reference architecture for research institutions. At Penn State, our plan has produced positive multi-discipline outcomes from our Science DMZ implementation. There were lessons learned through researcher engagement and our build-out of the Science DMZ model. However, more questions were brought up. Can't we just over provision the existing network? When does support run out? When is the next infrastructure grant to lifecycle the equipment? Do you meet certain data compliance? Who else can get on this Science DMZ?

Penn State's Science DMZ researcher engagement was built around infrastructure systems including data transfer, network performance, and security mechanisms. In order to keep the momentum going and help assure the sustainability of the initial Science DMZ award, a different approach was started to include the delivery and operation of this dedicated research network. New router configurations allow the extension the Science DMZ to any building or campus across the state including variety of network connections depending on the researcher's requirements. A connectivity financial model is being developed to build equipment lifecycle funding into research budgets and grant proposals. Lastly, a tiered security and data compliance infrastructure is being built on the Science DMZ to reduce individual effort of meeting regulatory demands. With these additions, learned from our researcher engagement, the Science DMZ is being established as a scalable, sustainable, university-wide service.


Speaker Kenneth Miller Penn State (Pennsylvania State University, The)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail From CC* to Science DMZ as a Service: The Penn State Approach

Speaker Kenneth Miller Penn State (Pennsylvania State University, The)

Primary track Research

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking

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