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Deployment Profile Working Group

Time 09/27/16 01:30PM-02:20PM

Room Bayfront A

Session Abstract

Operating a broadly compatible SAML-based service or identity provider can be challenging. The standards and profiles that are currently available leave a lot of room for interpretation and customization. While this allows for flexibility, it also results in issues that make interoperating in a federation significantly more complex than necessary. The Deployment Profile Working Group will:

1. Develop a Deployment Profile that describes REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED practices for IDPs and SPs operating in the Higher Education and Research community. This profile could be layered on the existing saml2int profile, but that is just one option. However, the group should choose an approach that works best.
2. If necessary and desireable, this Working Group will facilitate an effort to further evolve the current SAML2int profile.
3. Identify which of these standards could be tested by InCommon if the federation wanted to insure full profile compliance by participants

Please join us to hear about the work to date, next steps, and how you can get involved.

Primary track Trust and Identity

Secondary tracks Information Security

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