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Research: Lightning Talks

Time 09/28/16 11:20AM-12:10PM

Room Brickell

Session Abstract

In this session, three presenters provide short talks on topics of interest to generate further discussion – these Lightning Talks hope to encourage on-going discussion:

  1. Jorge Balcells of Verne Global on “Why Data Disaggregation is Changing the Data Center Landscape” -- In a digital world expanding at a phenomenal pace, the data center is becoming the backbone of global technology infrastructure. Changing location criteria – due to demands of power, bandwidth and HPC computing– is redrawing the data processing world map as companies look for the most suitable location. Within the data center, forward thinking IT heads are “tagging” applications as they realize the entire portfolio does not require the same power or resiliency. This short presentation will focus on the limits of current data configurations, highlight the technical requirements of different data and application types to better understand the options for optimized data, and show how modern operators are ripping up the rule book and re-engineering the future of power intensive data centers.

  2. Jane Combs of the University of Cincinnati on "Bridging the High Performance Computing Gap to Maximize Investments" -- Today, the existing departmental High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters at the University of Cincinnati are failing to meet campus-wide needs and they face a variety of issues that raise concerns about support and sustainability. This flash presentation seeks to discuss strategies to fill the critical gap in the University of Cincinnati’s cyberinfrastructure ecosystem by growing adoption of regional and national High Performance Computing resources.

    Over the past four years, the UC Office of Information Technology (UCIT), in partnership with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Research, and through internal and external funding (NSF CC*IIE 1440539 and CC*DNI 1541410), has made a concerted effort to develop a robust cyberinfrastructure to support UC’s growing computational research needs and to better leverage regional, state, and federal investments in shared compute resources.

    Despite these investments, there remains a critical gap in our current cyberinfrastructure ecosystem, specifically HPC. The urgency to address these gaps grows more acute as HPC technologies mature and increasingly require both scientific domain knowledge and technical expertise for successful deployment. This talk will address the three identified HPC gaps at UC and our proposed solutions to enhance and sustain the cyberinfrastructure ecosystem and community.

  3. Liane Tarouco of RNP (Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pesquisa) on “When IoT Meets Virtual 3D World“ -- Internet of Things are becoming ubiquitous and able to provide data to allow better contextualization in virtual 3D world. Interoperation problems derived from limited communication capabilities and low computational power of IoT devices. A solution to circumvent this problem may derives from using a SDN based approach, which turn an access point in a flow switch. This solution offers a possibility to divert traffic to a remote server in order to handle, transform and redirect data as required to use it as input in virtual 3D world. This presentation report a case with two approaches for integrating IoT: One using the derailleur based on SDN and another using the silo approach provided by default in IoT devices available in the market.

  4. Boyd Wilson of Omnibond on " Federating High Performance Computing to the Public Cloud " -- This lightning talk will discuss a new open collaborative project to enable seamless integration of on-premise, national and cloud High Performance Computing (HPC). The foundation is to use the HPC job as the basis of work and the project, OpenCCQ, plans to extend what CCQ can currently do and enable job and data routing based on heuristics. This open project will include collaboration of several universities including Clemson and Rutgers.


Speaker Liane Tarouco RNP (Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pesquisa)

Speaker Boyd Wilson OmniBond

Speaker Jane Combs University of Cincinnati - Main Campus

Speaker Jorge Balcells Verne Global

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail When IoT Meets Virtual 3D World

Speaker Liane Tarouco RNP (Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pesquisa)

Primary track Research

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