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Jetstream - A Self-Provisioned, Scalable Science and Engineering Cloud Environment

Time 09/27/16 10:20AM-11:10AM

Room Brickell

Session Abstract

Jetstream is a first of its kind production cloud resource intended to support science and engineering research. As part of the National Science Foundation’s Extreme Digital (XD) ecosystem within the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), the goal is to aid researchers across the United States that need modest amounts of interactive computing power or access to an innovative resource for cloud computing. A goal for the NSF and for the Jetstream partners is to increase the disciplinary diversity of the XD ecosystem as well as to reach non-traditional researchers that may have computing needs but have not had adequate access or have faced other barriers to HPC usage. In our session, we will spend the first hour discussing the architecture and use of Jetstream and then spend the remainder of the time demonstrating Jetstream in use as well as allowing attendees to get on and try the system.


Speaker Jeremy Fischer Indiana University

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