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The Realities of Collaborative Research: Integrating COTS Products into FIM Platforms

Time 09/26/16 01:30PM-02:20PM

Room Bayfront B

Session Abstract

Science requires a constantly changing suite of tools, services, and applications that were often designed for use in a legacy organizational model. This legacy model assumes that the customer or user for a commercial or open source tool is a single research institution; tools built to that model do not scale to the realities of contemporary science. Those tools expect application-specific accounts and users from only one domain or identity provider. Principle investigators and collaborating scientists need tools that support their cross-institutional collaboration. They need tools that let them move past the old model that involved high levels of management overhead when trying to resolve access and sharing for individuals from a globally diverse collection of academic and independent organizations. We believe that the academic identities and the corresponding trust federations offer the best platform to build collaboration tools for research. This solution provides an example of how a Virtual Organization can add service providers using the IdP/SP proxy to link the application or service into the VO and the global trust federations provided by eduGAIN.

This session will discuss integrating a COTS product as a new service provider in an active VO and detail the requirements and ultimate implementation of the scientific collaboration environment, based on a federated identity trust model.The VOs used for this example are the two NIAID International Centers for Excellence in Research, located in Mali and Uganda.


Speaker Christopher Whalen National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Speaker Hannah Short CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Speaker Bradley Beddoes AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network)

Primary track Trust and Identity

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