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Shared Intelligence Platform for Protecting our National Cyberinfrastructure

Time 09/26/16 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Chopin

Session Abstract

The SDAIA project seeks to advance the security infrastructure available for open science networks, aka Science DMZs. This research is expected to significantly enhance the security of campus and research networks. It addresses the emerging security challenge of open, unrestricted access to campus research networks, but beyond that it lays the foundation for an evolvable intelligence sharing network with the very real potential for national scale analysis of that intelligence. Further it will supply cyber security researchers with a rich real-world intelligence source upon which to test their theories, tools, and techniques. The research will produce a new kind of virtual security appliance that will significantly enhance the security posture of open science networks so that advanced high-performance network-based research can be carried out free of performance lags induced by more traditional security controls.


Speaker Adam Slagell University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Primary track Information Security

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking

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