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Federations: Moving From Widely-Available to Well-Deployed

Time 09/26/16 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Bayfront B

Session Abstract

Federated access management has been in use for over 10 years and federations as well as inter-federations are now in production in many countries, providing access to everything from scholarly resources to research collaboration tools. REFEDS is currently tracking 43 production and 18 pilot national federations, meaning that federated processes are widely available - however the complexities of the technology mean that many of the parts of the infrastructure are not well deployed and do not deliver the results needed for seamless access to resources for all participants. This session will look at some of the barriers that exist to achieving effective deployment and the work of several European and international projects to tackle this problem for a very practical position.

The session will cover the following issues:

The problems of attribute release, attribute management, data protection, and what we can do about this - including a detailed analysis of the use of Entity Categories.
Tackling issues of assurance, and work with REFEDS, GÉANT and AARC to define a baseline assurance profile and assessment tools that are aligned with the requirements of research collaboration.
Tackling security incident response within federations, via SIRTFI. The work of some of the people involved in SIRTFI is now funded via the AARC project and is carried on within the GÉANT project.
Expanding beyond research and education federations: governmental eIDs, central identity providers and identity providers of last resort.

This session presents the current work and results, obtaining a common understanding for an interactive part of the session. As research is global, harmonization of federated access management should be global as well.

Who should attend?

To make this working group session as interactive as possible and to represent all the interested parties, we hope to have campus IdP operators, research collaborations and those involved in federation operations.

This session will be a complement to the planned REFEDS meeting and is intended to provide an overview of the key issues in a format that is accessible for those who are not involved in REFEDS on an everyday basis.


Speaker Daniela Poehn DFN-Verein

Speaker Nicole Harris GÉANT

Speaker Maarten Kremers Surfnet BV

Primary track Trust and Identity

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