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Gravitational Waves & Federated Identity: A Case Study

Time 09/27/16 10:20AM-11:10AM

Room Bayfront B

Session Abstract

In February of 2016, LIGO announced its first detection of gravitational waves, opening up a whole new window through which to observe the universe. Ironically, we can learn much more about a black hole located 1.3 billion light years away then we can about the researchers we work with on campuses and research facilities here on Earth. This is the story of how LIGO found gravitational waves, how federated identity played a small role, the much larger role we had hoped it could play, and some of the reasons it didn't.


Speaker Warren Anderson University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Gravitational Waves & Federated Identity

Speaker Warren Anderson University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Primary track Trust and Identity

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