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Performance Measurement In Campus Networks: Challenges And Benefits

Time 09/28/16 02:40PM-03:20PM

Room Trianon

Session Abstract

Local network performance within a LAN or campus network is critical in meeting all types of networking requirements, and yet much of the community effort in network performance such as PerfSONAR development have focused on wide area tools. This session will examine how evaluating LANs differs markedly from long-path networks in areas such as timing accuracy, and how such LAN-based tools using new technology like smart SFPs can benefit all network applications.

A particular focus:
Advances in Network Timing for the Campus Environment.

Network time is not a sexy topic. It’s one of those must have infrastructure things that gets built once and no one thinks about it, partly because it just works, and partly because few things really break when time is skewed.

This discussion will review the need for a common enterprise clock and current technologies and methods for distributing time. Primarily this will focus around the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and sources of time for NTP (global navigation satellite systems and other NTP servers). Limitations of this well established system will be discussed.

Newer technologies for time distribution will be introduced, along with a brief history lesson on previous telecommunications time distribution systems. Specifically, the Precision Timing Protocol (PTP, or IEEE1588) and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) will be reviewed. The use cases of these technologies to enterprise networks will be the primary focus of what could be a lively discussion. Of late, the need for timing precision beyond NTP’s capabilities has been discussed in various higher education forums.


Speaker Daniel Magorian Johns Hopkins University

Speaker Andrew Gallo George Washington University, The

Speaker Alan Whinery University of Hawaii - Manoa

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail The Precision Timing Protocol

Speaker Andrew Gallo George Washington University, The

Primary track Advanced Networking

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