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Programmable Privacy-Preserving Network Measurement for Network Usage Analysis and Troubleshooting

Time 09/26/16 03:10PM-03:30PM

Room Trianon

Session Abstract

Network measurement and monitoring are instrumental to network operations, planning and troubleshooting. However, the increasing line rate (100+Gbps), changing measurement targets and metrics, and policy differences across multiple R&E network domains have introduced tremendous challenges in operating such high-speed heterogeneous networks, understanding the traffic patterns, and locating and resolving network issues. There is strong demand for a flexible, high-performance measurement instrument that can empower network operators to achieve the versatile objectives of effective network management.

In this session, we will discuss our ongoing research and development of a programmable privacy-preserving network measurement instrument and related analytics tools called “AMIS”, which is funded by NSF’s International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program. AMIS enables network operators to 1) acquire fine-grained network flow statistics while preserving user privacy and 2) trace packets and flows to answer multipurpose queries. New on-demand measurement tasks are supported through a software programmable framework. This network measurement instrument supports a set of APIs and measurement operations instantiated on a hardware accelerated programmable platform to capture flow-granular metrics. The instrument also leverages state-of-the-art privacy preserving algorithms to deliver network usage analytics without unnecessarily exposing user information. The configuration and data management is scalable due to the use of a cloud-based data processing architecture.

We will provide a demonstration of the prototype systems deployed at international R&E network exchange points (AMPATH and StarLight) and report our experience with the AMIS instrument and services through realistic use cases. For example, the AMIS instrument will be leveraged to help troubleshoot network issues from cross-domain SDN networks where a packet goes through per-hop VLAN swap and different encapsulation (e.g. QinQ and Mac-in-Mac). This troubleshooting process is realized through using our APIs to specify protocol (header format), flow filter (exact or wildcard match), and query type (e.g. packet tracing).

We will welcome feedbacks from the community regarding the technical features and future directions of AMIS.


Speaker Yan Luo University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Speaker Gabriel Ghinita University of Massachusetts - Boston

Speaker Michael McGarry University of Texas - El Paso

Speaker Cody Bumgardner University of Kentucky

Speaker Jeronimo Bezerra Florida International University

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Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Information Security

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