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A Secure SDN Science DMZ

Time 09/26/16 09:30AM-09:50AM

Room Trianon

Session Abstract

The Science DMZ design pattern is an effective way to provide high performance data transfer while avoiding the need to scale up the entire campus gateway infrastructure (router, firewall, IDS, etc.) to handle occasional ultra-high bandwidth flows. Nevertheless, campus IT security and policy guidelines must still be enforced. This presentation will discuss what we have learned in designing and deploying a high performance SDN dataplane as a Science DMZ “on ramp” to the Internet2 backbone. Traffic management, control integration, security, bandwidth partitioning and guarantees, and techniques to simplify deployment and operation of an SDN Science DMZ will be covered in the presentation.


Speaker Yuri Kolomiyets Corsa Technology

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail A Secure SDN Science DMZ

Speaker Yuri Kolomiyets Corsa Technology

Primary track Advanced Networking

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