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Federated Identity Management For Virtual Organizations (Separate registration required)

Time 09/25/16 08:00AM-05:00PM

Room Merrick II

Session Abstract


Virtual Organizations and Collaborations come together to solve complex problems leveraging people and resources from multiple institutions, often spanning the world. Expert in their respective domains, VOs rarely have expertise in the identity management aspects of collaboration. Regardless of VO size, properly designed identity management processes and technologies can help facilitate VO participation by providing access to collaboration tools and services quickly, and removing that access when it should no longer be granted.

This full-day tutorial will provide an overview of the issues in identity management facing and solutions available to VOs, in order to help them more easily manage access to their resources. Topics covered will include:

- Understanding the identity management process needs of VOs of any size
- Leveraging Federated and Social Identity to authenticate VO participants
- Understanding the complexities of international federation and collaboration
- Passwords, Certificates, SSH Keys, and other authentication technologies: what works where?
- Participant lifecycle management using open source identity management solutions, including COmanage, Grouper, and Shibboleth
- Application Integration and Provisioning, from the shell to the web to the cloud: how to make apps work with identity management infrastructure

Interactive demonstrations will be used to provide tangible insight into the capabilities of various solutions.


Speaker Benjamin Oshrin Spherical Cow Group

Speaker Scott Koranda Spherical Cow Group

Primary track Trust and Identity

Secondary tracks Information Security

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