2016 Technology Exchange

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2016 Technology Exchange

Shaping the Future, One Discussion at a Time

The 2016 Technology Exchange—presented by Internet2 and co-hosted by Florida International University, The University of Florida, and Florida LambdaRail from September 25–28 in Miami—provided an opportunity for just that and more. The annual event was designed to cross-pollinate ideas both within and among the four major technical communities convened.

Of Note

  • Thank you to all the innovators from around the globe who connected in Miami and helped shape the future of research and education!
Chris M. Collins, Gender Diversity Award Advance CAMP unconference format keeps things moving Eli Dart at the whiteboard

Pioneers in a variety of R&E networking-related fields shared expertise, brainstormed, and forged new connections, also participating in tutorials, working meetings, and full-group Exchange sessions. Technical representatives included:

> Network engineers, administrators, and other IT professionals convened a mini-conference akin to past Joint Techs;

> Trust and identity architects, developers, and implementers coordinated both ACAMP “unconference” discussions and formal presentations;

> Information security professionals combined formal presentations with small group discussions on emerging information security issues and working meetings; and

> Researchers highlighted advances in network research, discussing applications of advanced network technologies in basic science research, informing HPC and networking attendees about the challenges faced in particular domain sciences, and exploring possible collaborations.

Exchange sessions brought these experts together to focus on a single issue or topic, enhancing the dialog and sparking new ideas and conversations that shaped the future—one discussion at a time!

Who Attended:  The Internet2 Technology Exchange convenes U.S. and global technology leaders and visionaries including pioneers, technologists, architects, scientists, operators and students in the fields of networking, security, trust and identity, virtualization, cloud services, high-performance computing, and storage to share expertise in a forum designed to facilitate the cross-pollination of technical ideas and information.

All 2016 Technology Exchange participants are expected to follow the Internet2 Events Code of Conduct.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: The health and well-being of our community members and staff are Internet2's first priority. We, and probably you, have been tracking news from Miami. We are staying in close contact with officials in Miami to ensure we have the latest information available, and presently feel comfortable about our meeting. However, if that should change, we will post information here and share it through our various communication channels. We encourage anyone with concerns to seek travel advice updates from an official government source such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/zika/index.html).

NOTE WELL: All statements addressed to and related to the activities of Internet2 Working Groups, Working Group Projects, and Internet2 Area Initiatives and Projects are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework, which grants to Internet2 and its members certain licenses and rights in such statements. These statements include conversations, correspondence, and/or all documents, electronic or physical. Statements not addressed to or not related to the activities of Internet2 Working Groups, Working Group Projects, or Internet2 Area Initiative or Project that are clearly not intended to be input to an Internet2 activity, group or project, are not subject to these provisions. Statements made to a group where written confidentiality agreements are in place are also not subject to these provisions.

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