2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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SDN Networking 3.0: Hardware Innovations and Solutions

Time 05/16/16 12:20PM-12:45PM

Room Grand Ballroom (7th Floor)

Session Abstract

100G links are becoming common in the NREN community. Both in the regional and backbone provider environment, as well as within campus networks hosting DTNs and HPC clusters. The need for Nx100G networking is present and growing. At the same time we are looking at sharing and slicing these enormous networks. Traffic engineering, performance, and multi-tenant isolation must be addressed at the HW architectural level in order to build networks that work well.

In this talk we will consider some of the key aspects of hardware design that are essential tools for building really awesome SDN networks that are the next generation (3.0!) in network innovation.


Speaker Yatish Kumar Corsa Technology

Primary track Community Showcase

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