2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Network Analytics Presentation Using Deepfield

Time 05/17/16 12:50PM-01:15PM

Room Grand Ballroom (7th Floor)

Session Abstract

Your network generates a massive amount of data. Analyzing and correlating that data into useful and timely reports can help shape all of your network-related decisions in such areas as cloud service usage, traffic engineering, and optimization of your costs and resources.

As a benefit of Internet2 membership, you can now take advantage of a service from DeepField Analytics (www.deepfield.com) that tracks, analyzes, and models massive volumes of network telemetry. DeepField combines this information with numerous other data sources to produce an unparalleled view of the activity on your network.

This cloud intelligence solution will allow you to track, model and visualize your use of the Internet2 network and other non-Internet2 resources. Pre-defined drill-in reports will help you shape your network, traffic and cloud decisions, and provide information for grant applications, statutory reporting requirement, and a variety of other needs.

DeepField also provides a mechanism for ad-hoc queries of your flow data, allowing you to drill down for very specific information, such as “total data heading to Europe.” A more-complex report might include tracking of Internet2 network use, use of InCommon, Net+ service memberships, as well as video traffic to YouTube.


Speaker Ryan Nobrega Internet2

Primary track Community Showcase

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