2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Internet Freedom and Ethics of Technology

Time 05/18/16 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Indiana/Iowa (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

Freedom is not something that is comes naturally. It is something one has to fight for, sometimes literally. Online this is no different. The almost unlimited freedom that the Internet seems to offer is under constant threat. We do have to fight to keep the Internet open, accessible and trustworthy. This is a prerequisite for researchers, students, scholars and teachers all over the world and Universities and research networks (NRENs) have a responsibility in this.

Deploying university or research ICT nowadays is not just about technology (and money), but more and more ethical considerations come into play. Privacy, data stewardship etc. Furthermore, as ICT invades our lives further and further, we fail to notice that this embeds cultural and moral decisions taken for us. How does that affect independent research?

This session will discuss these issues.


Speaker Erik Huizer Surfnet BV

Presentation Media

Speaker Erik Huizer G√ČANT

Primary track Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

Secondary tracks Cyber Security and Trust and Identity in Education and Research

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