2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Commoditizing Cloud Adoption

Time 05/16/16 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Michigan/Michigan State (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

DevOps, containerized development, scriptable configuration, dynamic scaling… cloud computing has introduced some exciting and powerful new tools into the IT toolkit. Cloud computing also introduces risks. Without proper controls you could face cost overruns, service disruptions, data loss or even data breach. The major PaaS and IaaS vendors provide robust security, identity and management tools that address all of these concerns, but you need to be able to use them properly. The learning curve for specialists in those areas may or may not be steep, but it is unrealistic to expect every user to master security groups, account triggers, or policy configuration. Institutions adopting cloud platforms need to find ways to facilitate adoption by a wide range of users, from serious developers to faculty researchers, without putting each of them through cloud “drivers ed” as a prerequisite for getting an account. This session will outline a strategy to allow users to build their own cloud environments using institutionally recommended controls that leverage the expertise and planning of your security and compliance staff. This work would easily scale through community collaboration and lead to the development of a collection of best practice configuration components for all to include as part of the standard templates for use by any institution.


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Speaker Oren Sreebny University of Chicago

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Commoditizing Cloud Adoption

Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Speaker Oren Sreebny University of Chicago

Primary track Cloud Based Research, Education and Service Missions

Secondary tracks Cyber Security and Trust and Identity in Education and Research

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