2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Executive Track: Internet2 Strategic Updates

Time 05/16/16 02:45PM-04:00PM

Room Marriott Ballroom (4th Floor)

Session Abstract

This is a discussion for all Executive Track attendees on what 2017 and beyond will hold, focusing on the priorities and programs for the year ahead. This will be followed by a discussion on the upcoming Network Refresh and work ahead. For this part of the meeting, we want to have as many of you gathered to hear your perspectives on Internet2’s strategic matters.

Welcome - David Leebron, President, Rice University, and Chair of Internet2 Board of Trustees

Internet2 Strategic Update - Internet2 President & CEO and Internet2 Board of Trustees Program and Priorities Committee:
Dave Lambert, President & CEO, Internet2
Bill Clebsch, Associate Vice President, Information Technology, Stanford University
Steve Fleagle, CIO, University of Iowa
Tracy Futhey, Vice President for Information Technology & CIO, Duke University
Klara Jelinkova, Vice President Information Technology & CIO, Rice University
John Kolb, Vice President, Information Technology & CIO, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bruce Maas, Vice Provost, Information Technology & CIO, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kelli Trosvig, Vice President & CIO, University of Washington

Internet2 Network and Futures
Jean Davis, President & CEO, MCNC
Kathy Gates, CIO, University of Mississippi
Dave Lois, CEO, WiscNET, Moderator
Harvey Newman, Professor of Physics, CALTECH (California Institute of Technology)


Speaker William Clebsch Stanford University

Speaker Jean Davis MCNC

Speaker Steven Fleagle University of Iowa

Speaker Tracy Futhey Duke University

Speaker Kathryn Gates University of Mississippi

Speaker Klara Jelinkova Rice University

Speaker H. David Lambert Internet2

Speaker David Leebron Rice University

Speaker Bruce Maas University of Wisconsin - Madison

Speaker Harvey Newman Caltech (California Institute of Technology)

Speaker Kelli Trosvig University of Washington

Primary track Executive Track (Invitation Only)

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