2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Bridging the Pacific

Time 05/18/16 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Michigan/Michigan State (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

In the past year, the number of research activities and collaborations has increased significantly across the Pacific. Organizations on both sides of the Pacific, US and Asia and the Pacific Islands have contracted and deployed 100G links resulting in exponential growth in opportunities for research projects and global collaborations.

A panel of prominent research leaders will discuss connectivity and key research activities that have resulted across the Pacific. Three short talks on infrastructure, applications and Pacific Islands will precede the panel discussion setting the stage for exchange of views on how we can build bridges across the Pacific. The discussion is intended to create awareness of the vast opportunities available to the community and how the panel can facilitate collaborations.


Speaker Jennifer Schopf Indiana University

Speaker Dale Finkelson Internet2

Speaker Lee Bu Sung SingAREN (Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network)

Speaker Garret Yoshimi University of Hawaii - Manoa

Primary track Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

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