2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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SDN in the Real World

Time 05/18/16 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Indiana/Iowa (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

In this session, four industry leaders will talk about SDN in the real world
-Adva (Jim Theodoras)
This presentation will detail the work that ADVA and Juniper have accomplished towards interoperability of SDN controllers. The advantages of joint SDN management of router and transport resources will be emphasized, with one real world use case discussed: Shared Risk Link Group Optimization.
-Ciena (Rod Wilson)
In 2013 a Ciena launched a five year collaboration project based on creating a testbed network that was “always-on”; a persistent service available to support project participants. Prior to this, networks of this type were temporary, set up for a brief period of time mostly for a proof of concept or demonstrations like SuperComputer SC conferences. This talk provides information on the participants’ accomplishments, pertaining to SDN dynamic provisioning and forward looking Software Defined Infrastructure plans.
-Corsa (Yatish Kumar)
We all live SDN vicariously through Google building extremely large scale out routing. But in the real world of networking, SDN makes a difference in automatic, dynamic, policy-driven network slicing, multi-domain QoS, and per flow traffic engineering in a myriad of internet scale deployments besides the hyper-scale poster child. We will talk about these real experiences.
-Noviflow (Marc LeClerc)
NoviFlow will be presenting the Australia Wide-Area SDN Testbed, an innovation platform for developing high-speed technologies, established by AARNet, Australia’s Academic and Research Network, in collaboration with nine universities and CSIRO Data61. Based on open standards, the Testbed infrastructure consists of a core of four interconnected OpenFlow-enabled switches at AARNet backbone sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Seattle.


Speaker Rodney Wilson Ciena Corporation

Speaker Yatish Kumar Corsa Technology

Speaker Marc LeClerc NoviFlow

Speaker James Theodoras ADVA Optical Networking North America, Inc.

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Packet-Optical SDN Field Trial for Multi-Layer Network Optimization

Speaker James Theodoras ADVA Optical Networking North America, Inc.

media item thumbnail Real World SDN

Speaker Yatish Kumar Corsa Technology

media item thumbnail Real World SDN

Speaker Rodney Wilson Ciena Corporation

Primary track Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

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