2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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SDN Optimized Advanced Network Services for Experiments

Time 05/17/16 08:00AM-10:00AM

Room Denver (5th Floor)

Session Abstract

The upcoming and next generation of major science programs exploring the nature and history of the universe, our planet and own biological makeup, from the LHC to LSST and SKA to the Human Genome Project face unprecedented challenges in harnessing the wealth of knowledge hidden in Exabytes of globally distributed data.

Scientists, network and system engineers and architects have come together to meet these challenges, and clear the way to the next round of discoveries. In this workshop we will present the recent major advances in software defined and virtualized Terabit/sec networks, intelligent global systems, workflow optimization methodologies, and state of the art long distance data transfer methods.

Please eat breakfast from the main offering located in the Grand Ballroom (7th floor) prior to your working meeting.


Speaker Harvey Newman Caltech (California Institute of Technology)

Speaker Joe Mambretti Northwestern University

Speaker Julio Ibarra Florida International University

Speaker Shawn McKee University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Primary track Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

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