2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Securing the Science DMZ

Time 05/17/16 07:30AM-08:30AM

Room Minnesota (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

As more institutions leverage grants around big data and high speed data transfers a lot of organizations are creating Science DMZs. We want to help shift the discussion away from the common misconception that a Science DMZ means you are bypassing security and leaving your data unprotected.

There is a lot of discussion happening at universities and research organizations around how the Science DMZ should be structured and protected. Being able to create a high speed conduit for information distribution and data transfers while simultaneously protecting that same data from exposure not using traditional big iron firewalls has created some new challenges within the community.

How do you secure this data while allowing it to be accessible? How do you remain compliant with various laws and regulations and not have your administration panic at the thought of these systems being unprotected by your central IT security platforms?

We are hoping to pull together people from various universities that have a Science DMZ, are setting one up or are looking to. Working together we hope to develop some best practices and examples that the community can agree upon. We want to leverage our collective knowledge and try and form a consensus around methods for securing a Science DMZ that schools can implement and take to auditors, risk officers and security officers to help allay fears and encourage adoption. The idea of a Science DMZ will be critical to enabling new research and improving existing collaboration within our community, and we want to build on the discussion that began at the Tech Exchange.

Please note that this working meeting will have access to the conference breakfast. For your convenience, this breakfast station will be located in the foyer space on the meeting room floor.


Speaker Damian Doyle University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Speaker Karl Newell Internet2

Primary track Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

Secondary tracks Applied Research, Scholarship and Applications

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