2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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General Session (sponsored by Mitel)

Time 05/18/16 10:30AM-11:45AM

Room Chicago Ballroom (5th Floor)

Sponsored by Mitel

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Session Abstract

Joseph Emerson, a leading researcher in quantum computing, is the featured keynote speaker for Wednesday’s General Session. Final themes focusing on the future work of R&E move to center stage, including:

International Interconnectivity
R&E: Now & Beyond

In his talk, “How Quantum Science is Re-shaping Information Technology,” Emerson will describe some of the key features of quantum physics that define the trademark weirdness of the quantum world, and then explain how researchers today are learning to harness that quantum weirdness to enable radically new capabilities for computation and communication that will have a dramatic impact on information technology.

Quantum Physics and Information Technology are on a collision course and the outcome of that collision is Quantum Information Science. Emerson will share some of the latest breakthroughs and challenges in the quest to build an infrastructure of quantum information technologies.