2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Voice, Video and Digital Content Service Portfolio of GÉANT

Time 05/17/16 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Michigan/Michigan State (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

This session aims at providing an overview on the voice, video and digital content service portfolio of GÉANT – the pan-European research and education network and NREN collaboration – and seeking for synergies and collaboration opportunities between the similar Internet2 Net+ offerings and community activities in the US.

Needless to say that the community collaboration on voice, video and digital content is global. We need to think globally but act locally, as it has been promoted by the CEO Forum of influential NREN managers around the globe. GÉANT has been developing and continuously enhancing service support infrastructures for voice, video and recently for digital content sharing in line with the global open educational movements primarily for the European R&E community but also on a global footprint. The speakers will cover the GÉANT services as follows:

1. Bartlomiej Idzikowski - eduCONF service and global directory sharing

The eduCONF service of GÉANT supports both traditional video conferencing service administrators and end-users. Effective videoconferencing can save time, money and improve teamwork. With eduCONF users will be able to find and use videoconferencing facilities across Europe. eduCONF services are helping to provide the tools for an effective pan-European videoconference infrastructure, including tools for locating and validating rooms, managing and monitoring a videoconferencing network. eduCONF is providing an end-to-end video call verification feature that will allow participating national research and education networking (NREN) organisations to verify their video conferencing services and rooms, and allow end uses to verify their devices or soft-phones. The latest development is the global Directory Sharing module that aims at facilitating the secure and trusted sharing of voice, video and web based real time communication service directories.

2. Peter Szegedi – Global addressing and GÉANT toolbox for WebRTC developments

The NRENum.net is a global telephone mapping service for academia that provides seamless interconnection between video conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP) and telepresence services for its members. Joining the service makes it possible to register your telephone numbers so that other service members can resolve your numbers and make calls to you via IP and through the NRENs' infrastructure end-to-end, often free of charge. (NRENum.net is already part of Internet2 Net+ offerings.)

GÉANT has recently initiated an activity to define an executable roadmap for the European R&E community engaging with the WebRTC technology. Commercial cloud service providers are in good position to offer easy-to-use web-based RTC solutions for the community out of the cloud. However, application and service designers and integrators of the GÉANT community may benefit from a general toolbox for supporting in-context WebRTC developments. Such a toolbox can have different components: one is a federated STUN/TURN service for firewall and NAT traversal, the other one is a WebTUT application that provides a customized code to be embedded in websites or services for quick tutoring lectures via WebRTC. (Some WebRTC toolbox components will be demonstrated in action.)

3. Eli Shmueli – GÉANT eduOER service for content providers and end-users

The Open Educational Resource hub and portal service (eduOER) is a new initiative of GÉANT with the aim at facilitating access to digital multimedia content at the European level in the form of repositories, infrastructures and services. Educational repositories and relevant content providers are invited to disseminate and share metadata (i.e. the information about the content) of their open educational resources via the GÉANT eduOER Hub. It not only harvests and aggregates metadata from various sources but also provides value-added services to the connected repositories in order to discover, analyse, validate and enrich their metadata. The eduOER front-end portal addresses the end-users, educators and students, directly benefiting from open education. It facilitates the search and find of open educational multimedia content across multiple disciplines, countries and languages in order to reuse, revise, remix or redistribute. (Collaboration with UNIZIN and MERLOT II in the US is foreseen.)

Live demonstration of these services will be given and lot of collaboration opportunities will be offered.


Speaker Peter Szegedi GÉANT

Speaker Bartlomiej Idzikowski PIONIER (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

Speaker Eli Shmueli IUCC (The Inter-University Computation Center)

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Speaker Eli Shmueli IUCC (The Inter-University Computation Center)

Primary track Cloud Based Research, Education and Service Missions

Secondary tracks Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

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