2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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User Driven Innovation – How Much Have R&E Federations Done to Address Research Community Requirements

Time 05/16/16 04:30PM-05:30PM

Room Chicago Ballroom (5th Floor)

Session Abstract

During the last decade, national Identity Federations for Research and Education have emerged globally. There is a growing interest from different research communities in using federated access, although some challenges still exists that prevent the wide usage of this approach. Federation operators have invested significant efforts to enhance federated technologies and policies to support community requirements; and whilst some requirements get implemented, new requirements emerge.

There are two main EC-funded initiatives in Europe that address developments in the area of federated access: the GEANT project more focused on the operations and continue enhancement of eduGAIN and eduroam, and the AARC project to enable users to seamlessly access to e-infrastructure services and to offer support actions to increase the penetration of federated access.

This session aims to provide an overview on the user-driven developments in Europe and on the liaison with relevant initiatives in the US (i.e. TIER and others). Obviously research and collaboration is global; it is therefore essential to think global (even if funding is local) to ensure that relevant activities are synchronized internationally.

Both these projects use REFEDS and the FIM4R as the main fora to share results and to gain consensus on the results.

This session proposes three different talks:
1. an overview on the community’s requirements and on how they are supported to date;
2. a snapshot on the design of a possible architecture to integrate existing AAI used in the R&E sector to enable access to services across different R&E infrastructures;
3. a framework to enable the coordination of incident response across
federated organisations and the proposed approach to implement it.


Speaker Licia Florio GÉANT

Speaker Christos Kanellopoulos GRNET (Greek Research & Technology Network)

Speaker Thomas Barton University of Chicago

Presentation Media

Primary track Cyber Security and Trust and Identity in Education and Research

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