2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Adventures Running a Free Public Cloud

Time 05/16/16 04:30PM-05:30PM

Room Indiana/Iowa (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

The Rapid Access Cloud is a public OpenStack cloud, provided by Alberta’s NREN, Cybera. It provides free compute resources to anyone in Canada who would like to experiment with cloud computing.

Cybera launched this cloud four years ago and since then, it has been wildly successful, with over 400 unique use-cases to date. These include a Minecraft server developed at a rural school that lets students simulate the life of Canadian pioneers, and an app that uses municipal open data to help residents quickly discover nearby courts or arenas that are available for sporting activities.

Our team loves to share knowledge and stories about running a free public cloud. At this talk, you will learn about:

* How we built and maintain the Rapid Access Cloud
* How we work with users of the Rapid Access Cloud
* Popular use-cases on the Rapid Access Cloud
* Failure stories and what we learned


Speaker David Chan Cybera, Inc.

Speaker Joe Topjian Cybera, Inc.

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Adventures Running a Free Public Cloud

Speaker David Chan Cybera, Inc.

Speaker Joe Topjian Cybera, Inc.

Primary track Cloud Based Research, Education and Service Missions

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