2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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Global REN Knowledge Exchange

Time 05/18/16 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Michigan/Michigan State (6th Floor)

Session Abstract

The Global R and E Networking Knowledge Exchange Working Group works actively to consider how established and emerging R and E networking
organizations can effectively learn from and leverage each other’s
experience and competencies. The working group promotes NREN inclusion
in activities such as the Global Network Architecture and explores how
individual R&E Networking organizations can benefit from utilizing the
services of the global R&E Network community most effectively. The
Internet2 Global Summit offers a great opportunity for the Knowledge
Exchange working group to bring together representatives from NRENs
around the world to share updates on NREN development, to identify
common challenges, and to discuss best practices and critical success
factors for NRENs. At the 2016 Global Summit, Internet2 and the
Network Start-up Resource Center are sponsoring attendance for 4
representatives from emerging NRENs. Additionally, GEANT and the
European NREN community are also sponsoring attendance for 4
representatives. This session will bring together these sponsored
guests in a series of 5 minute “lightening” talks followed by a
moderated panel discussion that will encourage bi-directional
information exchange.

A draft agenda for this session:

75 minutes

·5 minute introduction to the Knowledge Exchange Working Group by the
moderators (I2 Edward Moynihan / GÉANT Cathrin Stöver / Gyöngyi Horváth)

·5 minutes – Representative from South and East Africa

·5 minutes - Representative from West and Central Africa

·5 minutes - Representative from Asia-Pacific

·5 minutes - Representative from Central or South America

·5 minutes - Representative from Central Asia

·5 minutes - Representative from Caribbean Region

·5 minutes - Representative from Balkan Region

·5 minutes - Representative from the Middle East

·30 minutes – Focused panel discussion on 3 main questions distributed
to the speakers in advance, eg.
- What are critical success factors for your NREN?
- What are your main barriers to achieving organizational and operating success?
- What are some tangible and realistic ways that the Global REN community can work together to ensure long-term sustainability for your organization?


Speaker Edward Moynihan Internet2

Speaker Gyöngyi Horváth GÉANT

Primary track Applied Research, Scholarship and Applications

Secondary tracks Innovations in Advanced Networking and Services

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