2016 Internet2 Global Summit

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2016 Global Summit

Come celebrate the Internet2 community’s rich 20-year history—and help transform the next 20 years!

Rich history. Bright future.

The higher education community has a long-standing history of pioneering disruptive and breakthrough technologies in pursuit of scientific research and discoveries for the next generation of teaching and learning.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Internet2 and the 2016 Global Summit is an opportune time to showcase the Internet2 community’s rich history and bright future—focused on the transformation of research and education in the next 20 years and beyond test.

Of Note

Since its inception, Internet2 has connected people, networks, technologies, and solutions across the research and education (R&E) ecosystem. Working together, the Internet2 community continues to transform and elevate the development of revolutionary innovations in network and infrastructure technologies—from building the world’s fastest network, to expanding to meet global needs, to growing an extensive portfolio of end-to-end global network services, cloud services, and trust and identity capabilities—for the benefit of educators around the nation and the globe.

The theme for the 2016 Global Summit in Chicago—site of the first official meeting that eventually led to the formation of Internet2—will focus on honoring the members who have shaped and developed Internet2 over the past 20 years, and showcasing visionaries whose work and strategies will shape the next 20 years for Internet2 and the entire R&E community. The Summit will feature keynote addresses from top R&E leaders, presentations from noted experts, and sessions focused on partnerships and advanced technologies—all designed to inspire and equip community leaders with vital information as they transform and elevate the academy today and beyond.

The 2016 Internet2 Global Summit is being hosted by Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

All 2016 Global Summit participants are expected to follow the Internet2 Events Code of Conduct.

NOTE WELL: All statements addressed to and related to the activities of Internet2 Working Groups, Working Group Projects, and Internet2 Area Initiatives and Projects are subject to the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework, which grants to Internet2 and its members certain licenses and rights in such statements. These statements include conversations, correspondence, and/or all documents, electronic or physical. Statements not addressed to or not related to the activities of Internet2 Working Groups, Working Group Projects, or Internet2 Area Initiative or Project that are clearly not intended to be input to an Internet2 activity, group or project, are not subject to these provisions. Statements made to a group where written confidentiality agreements are in place are also not subject to these provisions.

Thank you to Internet2 staff members Asmaa Abumezied, Andrea Blome, Urszula Chomicka, Ming Ho, IJ Kim and Gigi Youngblood for providing translated versions of the 2016 Global Summit home page in Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

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