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Jon Dugan

ORG ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network) Title Network Engineer BIO Jon Dugan is based in Chicago, Illinois. His professional experience has centered around UNIX-like systems, IP networking and programming. His first years in UNIX system administration were at Wolfram Research. He spent many years at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Urbana, IL first as a student employee, then as a network engineer and finally as a senior network engineer. He recently joined ESnet at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as a network engineer where he is involved in network engineering and tool development. Dugan has been very active with the SCinet committee of SC Conference Series since 1998. He developed the software used to track all of the internal state for SCinet, including booth connection requests, fiber management, IP address allocation and DNS management. This system started as a Perl CGI script, but was then rewritten in Java using the Turbine framework which was in turn ported to Quixote and finally Django. In 2005 he was the Vice Chair of SCinet which was interesting but not as interesting as being a worker bee. Dugan has always had an interest in graphic design and visual communications and has dabbled in web design. He is also interested in operating systems research including Plan 9. In the last several years he has become very interested in electronics and embedded systems. He has been exploring the AVR and ARM microcontroller platforms. Recently he has also been learning about the Go programming language which has a very interesting approach to concurrency.

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