2015 Technology Exchange

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track 1 Advanced Networking image

Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

The R&E community has traditionally been at the forefront of advanced networking, developing new and innovative ways to support emerging challenges in support of scientific research, network research, and distance education. In recent years, the complexity of advanced networks has exploded with the widespread introduction of software-defined networking (SDN), the integration of compute and storage, and the exponentially increasing requirements for data-intensive science. The Advanced Networking track is organized around three themes; traditional networking issues, advanced networking challenges, and “far horizon” networking ideas.

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track 2 Security image


The Security area focuses on both network and system security topics, including major security incidents recently experienced by the community, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware-related challenges, cryptography, security of cloud-based services, the unique challenges of network security at very high speeds, security opportunities in OpenFlow and software-defined networking (SDN), and more...

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track 3 Trust, Identity & Middleware Applications image

Trust, Identity & Middleware Applications

The Trust and Identity track (which comprises Identity Week 2015) provides a venue for identity architects, developers and implementers to explore and discuss topics of broad interest to the community. The popular Advance CAMP (ACAMP) and CAMP meetings will run concurrent with the 2015 Technology Exchange.

ACAMP provides a venue for leading identity architects and developers to spend substantial time exploring and discussing topics and work items of interest to the identity services community. As an “unconference,” there are no proposals submitted in advance; attendees determine the agenda on-site.

CAMP program sessions focus on topics such as case studies in identity management, policy and technical challenges of implementing identity management systems, community-driven identity software solutions, group management issues, provisioning/deprovisioning issues, and more.

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CAMP 101

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CAMP 201

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track 4 Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)image

Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

Presentations focus on projects, initiatives, and best practices related to development, deployment, and implementation of cloud services and applications within the R&E community, positioned within the Internet2 NET+ portfolio. Also covered is the broader set of standards, policies, practices, and service offerings that support the rapidly expanding set of solutions for campus, individual, and service providers in a cloud-driven technical environment.

Subjects include cloud service integration and architecture, identity and middleware, risk mitigation, contracting, security and applications.

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track 5 Research image


Topics in this track include network research as well as presentations from those working in or closely with domain sciences where research relies heavily on high-performance computing (HPC), “big data” and networking. Included are developments in cyberinfrastructure for research, national research computing resources, network research, bridging from campus to national cyberinfrastructure, regional data innovation hubs, models of support for data and computing intensive research, and domain-specific applications of cyberinfrastructure in cosmology, earth sciences, high-energy physics, genomics, life sciences, etc.

The Research track aims to highlight advances in network research, discuss applications of advanced network technologies in basic science research, inform HPC and networking attendees about the challenges faced in particular areas of research, and explore possible collaborations.

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Internet2 Community Showcase

The Internet2 Community Showcase is an “open-air” presentation venue right where the action is. This fall's showcase lineup will feature presentations and demos directly from our community.