2015 Technology Exchange

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Featured Speakers

Stacey A. Dixon, Ph.D.

Stacey A. Dixon, Deputy Director, InnoVision Directorate, will speak at The Exchange, Monday, 4:30p.

NOTE: Dr. Dixon’s presentation will replace Sue Gordon’s. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sue Gordon is unable to attend the 2015 Technology Exchange, and Dr. Dixon will present in her place.

Dr. Stacey A. Dixon joined the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in November 2010 and currently serves as Deputy Director within the InnoVision Directorate. InnoVision delivers path-breaking scientific research and transitions innovative concepts and capabilities to solve the Intelligence Community’s (IC) and the Warfighter’s most complex and enduring geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) problems. She previously served as the Director, Information Integration (II) Office. The team she led in II sought to improve GEOINT’s accuracy, timeliness, and relevance by enabling data integration, operational prototyping, and technology insertion across the National System for Geospatial Intelligence.

Dr. Dixon began her federal career as a CIA/DS&T engineer assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Advanced Systems and Technology Directorate, as the Chief of the Science Division for a satellite demonstration program. In this capacity, she led data analysis efforts during payload final acceptance testing and kept customers informed of changes to system performance from design through the construction of the system.

For more, see: Stacey A. Dixon official bio

Charlie Catlett

Charlie Catlett, founding director, Urban Center for Computation and Data, UrbanCCD Open Data and Instrumenting Cities, will speak on Open Data and Instrumenting Cities on Tuesday at 10:20a.

Catlett will present work that Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago are doing in partnership with the City of Chicago and other cities through the Urban Center for Computation and Data, which focuses on key scalable data infrastructure, data analytics, and urban-scale sensor networks.

Don’t miss these renowned experts and their cutting-edge insights at the 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange!

Joseph Emerson

Joseph Emerson, faculty member, Institute for Quantum Computing and associate professor, Department of Applied Mathematics at the University Waterloo, will speak at The Exchange, Wednesday, 10:00a.

Emerson will detail how quantum physics and information technology are on a collision course resulting in quantum information services and how it is reshaping information technology.

Mark Griswold & Sue Workman

Mark Griswold, Radiology Professor, Case Western Reserve University and Sue Workman, Vice President, IT Services and CIO, Case Western Reserve University, will speak at The Exchange, Tuesday, 4:30p.

The presentation will cover interesting insights about how Case Western Reserve University and Microsoft HoloLens are partnering to transform learning across countless disciplines as disparate as art history and engineering, including those as complex as the human body. Learn about Griswold’s work with HoloLens and its limitless potential across the whole campus.