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Advanced Technology Demonstrations

All Advanced Technology Demonstrations will take place in the Ballroom Level Foyer on Monday/Tuesday from 7:00am—6:30pm and Wednesday from 7:00am—3:30pm.

Cross-country Clouds with CloudLab and AL2S

Organization: Cross-country Clouds with CloudLab and AL2S

CloudLab is a facility that enables any researcher to build their own cloud, with complete visibility and control all the way down to the bare metal. This enables fundamental research on the future of cloud architectures and the new applications that these innovations will enable. CloudLab consists of clusters at three sites, at Clemson University, the Universtiy of Wisconsin, and the University of Utah, and these three sites are interconnected using Internet2's AL2S service. This demo will show how researchers can, in a matter of minutes, bring up their own copy of OpenStack, running at multiple sites and automatically interconnected at Layer 2 over AL2S.

Uncompressed Ultra-HD Video Streaming over Multiple Virtual Paths Dynamically Configured by OpenFlow/SDN 

Organization: FIU/AMPATH, NTT, RNP and Internet2 

Recently, 100 Gbps ultra high-speed IP networks have become familiar, which enables various applications such as Ultra-HD video streaming of uncompressed form. However, it's very tough to secure the large bandwidth of over 6 Gbps, because we are sharing the network bandwidth among a huge number of users. In order to establish a network connection for the uncompressed 4K streaming at any time, we need to carefully select and aggregate multiples of well-conditioned network links. In order to transmit uncompressed 4K videos on R&E networks, we developed a special virtualized network using multipath transmission links on Internet2. This virtualized network can be controlled by OpenFlow/SDN switches, very powerful tools installed in some locations in USA, and can be controlled by application users. Finding the preferred links by monitoring the conditions, they are aggregated and virtualized into a single link for the uncompressed 4K streaming. We call this system "Dynamic SDN" that makes use of Network Address Translation (NAT) based overlay SDN technology.

This demo will show 6 Gbit/s uncompressed 4K videos transmitted to the demo booth from Japan and Brazil, each of which is divided into 4 separate HD video streams traveling via 4 different locations within the U.S. via a special virtualized network using multipath transmission links on Internet2. In each location, one of the HD (quadrant of 4K) videos is selected by Lagopus OpenFlow software switches to reach the Internet2 venue to show 4K video where all 4 quadrants are completely synchronized, regardless of traveling time difference between the 4 streams.

Virtual Reality in Research and Education

Organization: Metaverse Working Group (Internet2)

Virtual reality is about to explode in adoption due to the impending consumer release of affordable stereoscopic head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift. But VR is not just for entertainment - this new technology provides new opportunities for training, communication, and collaboration in research and education. Come join the Metaverse Working Group and the University of Cincinnati Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research to experience several virtual reality demonstrations on the Oculus Rift DK2 platform, tactile user interface demonstrations using the Leap Motion Control, and inexpensive consumer-ready VR using Google Cardboard. For more information on the Metaverse Working group, please visit http://www.internet2.edu/communities-groups/advanced-networking-groups/metaverse-working-group/.

Service Chaining for Science DMZ with BigTap SDN Controller

Organization: Clemson University

Clemson adopts Big Switch Networks' Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) for production deployment on campus.  We are evaluating the Service Chaining feature of BMF-Inline to selectively drop or forward flows between the Internet and Clemson's Science DMZ. With BMF-inline between the two networks, Bro monitors the traffic and pushes whitelist/blacklist flows to BMF-Inline in real time. While benchmarking is still underway, the initial integration was successful and enabled software-based interaction between the security and networking teams on campus.

BMF is a next-generation network visibility fabric that leverages high-performance, open Ethernet switches to provide pervasive security monitoring and visibility of an organization’s network traffic at ultra-low CapEx/OpEx costs. Using an SDN-centric architecture, BMF enables a scale-out fabric for enterprise-wide monitoring, single pane of glass for operational simplicity, and multi-tenancy for multiple IT teams (NetOps, DevOps, SecOps) to simultaneously perform network monitoring using tenant-specific inline or out-of-band tools and policies. The BMF switches can be deployed in either of the two deployment modes:
* Inline—targeting the Science DMZ, Extranet and DMZ security deployments. 
* Out-of-Band—Deployed adjacent to the production network. Connects to SPAN/TAP ports from the production network.
To learn more about the Big Monitoring Fabric features and benefits, please visit www.bigswitch.com or email info@bigswitch.com

IBM IoT Foundations and Bluemix Demonstration

Organization: IBM

IBM will be demonstrating it's IoT solution set, including IBM Internet of Things Foundation (IoTF) and IBM Bluemix. Bring your smartphone to the demo table and connect to IBM's IoTF quickly and easily to see your phone in action, or take control of a desktop robot via IBM IoTF and Bluemix. IBM will be highlighting available IoTF solutions, capabilities and the ability to quickly implement IOT solutions using IBM IoTF and Bluemix. Solution Architects will be on-site to discuss IBM's solution and to discuss your IOT ideas and how you may be able to quickly get value from an IOT solution or implement an IOT idea you may already have.