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Using Event-Based SDN to Build Out a “Science DMZ” for High-speed, Wide-area Data Transfers

Time 10/06/15 08:50AM-09:15AM

Session Abstract

Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be a powerful tool to help your network adapt to changing conditions. However, deploying SDN does not necessitate sweeping changes to your networking infrastructure and new skill-sets for your staff. Splunk provides a powerful operational intelligence and analytics platform. When combined with a controller, it becomes a powerful SDN application that automatically acts on this intelligence to provide greater operational flexibly and security.

In our solution, we leverage Splunk as both an event correlation engine and as event storage, the Cisco ASA and SourceFire devices for security and event generation, and the Cisco Open SDN controller to secure a Science DMZ in a production-level manner that meets the policy requirements of most institutions. It should be noted that this is a particular application of Event-Based SDN, however, the overall concept is very extensible and applicable to a wide range of situations.


Speaker Tae Hwang Cisco Systems

Primary track Community Showcase

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