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Harnessing Open Source Orchestration and Control Plane Software with Data Plane Hardware to Create a Networking Solution

Time 10/06/15 10:10AM-10:35AM

Session Abstract

Today’s SDN network architects are now able to source open hardware and software that is beginning to meet the various needs of their architectures. They are able to identify specific areas of their network where SDN can bring significant advantage over existing networking strategies. In turn, SDN vendors have responded with products that allow architects to incrementally add SDN to their networks in some form or another. All the while the open source software community is making significant progress of its own.

So the building blocks are increasingly available but the full blueprint of actually implementing a networking solution is still very murky. In this community showcase, we will review the various open source orchestration and control plane options, for what applications they are best suited, and how they can be coupled with SDN hardware to create innovative, deployable networking solutions.

With network architects, researchers, and operators in mind, we will overview ONF Atrium BGP peering, OpenDaylight (ODL) Lithium ecosystem, ONOS, VALV, and the Ryu Framework among others, along with a few NSI software packages and present real use cases for each. We will pay special attention to 10G/40G/100G SDN WAN connectivity.

We hope to leave the audience with an understanding of deploying at-scale SDN/NFV solutions in advanced network architectures.


Speaker Yatish Kumar Corsa Technology

Presentation Media

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Speaker Yatish Kumar Corsa Technology

Primary track Community Showcase

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