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Campus Cloud Security Shared Assessments

Time 10/07/15 02:30PM-03:20PM

Room Room 25-B

Session Abstract

Campus IT environments are rapidly changing and the speed of cloud service adoption only appears to increase. As campuses deploy or identify cloud services in use on their campus, they need to ensure the cloud services are appropriately assessed for security. Many campuses have established a cloud security assessment methodology and have the resources to assess many of their cloud services, but few campuses have sufficient resources to assess all cloud services. As a community, we can assess more cloud services than an individual campus can and share these assessments. Shared assessments can be used by campus to jump start their assessment and reduce the resources needed by the campus to perform due diligence—decreasing the time necessary to perform the assessment.

The speakers are working on an idea for a shared cloud security assessment repository. This session will be used to get community feedback on their ideas. This discussion could result in a cloud security assessment working group.


Speaker Nicholas Lewis Internet2

Presentation Media

Primary track Security

Secondary tracks Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

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