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The Science DMZ - Toward the Future

Time 10/05/15 02:20PM-02:40PM

Room Grand Ballroom A

Session Abstract

Over the past several years, the Science DMZ design pattern has been central to cyberinfrastructure upgrades and improvements at many universities, and research laboratories The visionary investments in Science DMZ-based cyberinfrastructure by the NSF, and complementary investments by other agencies and organizations in the US and around the world, have created a solid foundation for scientific discovery. These combined efforts are already giving science collaborations access to capabilities that were previously far beyond their reach.

As more organizations and science collaborations deploy and use Science DMZs, new challenges are emerging. Operational experiences tell the community what methods and structures work well in particular environments, informing future decisions. Also, the larger structures built on top of the Science DMZ foundation, such as multi-facility workflows, require additional services from the systems deployed in a Science DMZ, in some cases affecting its design or operation.

This session will present several ways in which the Science DMZ is evolving to keep pace with the science it enables, and shares a vision for the future trajectory for the Science DMZ and the structures built on its foundations.


Speaker Eli Dart ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network)

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail The Science DMZ: Toward the Future

Speaker Eli Dart ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network)

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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