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Big Data, Firewalls and Non-Traditional Network Security

Time 10/05/15 10:40AM-11:00AM

Room Room 26-BC

Session Abstract

We Have All Heard All About Big Data. It Is All The Rage And A Huge Buzzword. Firewalls: we All Need Them now....But How do I firewall at bandwidth greater then 1 gig of traffic but less then 100 gigs. NON-traditional Network security (How do you allow everything but still keep out the bad guys).

In This Discussion, I Will Share My Experience With All Three Of These Items. I Will Demonstrate That Splunk Is A Big Data Tool, The Current Firewall Design Of Case Western Reserve Universities Edge Firewall Cluster 10 Gig Of Current Capacity But 40 Gigs Of Capability, Possible Future Designs That Scale To A 100 Gig. How To Keep The Bad Guys Out (Allowing Everything But Being Smart About It).


Speaker Louis Changeri Case Western Reserve University

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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