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Authentication and Authorization for Research and Collaboration

Time 10/06/15 07:00PM-09:00PM

Room Room 15

Session Abstract

The AARC project [1] is working closely with the FIM4R community to address
some of their requirements and to deliver an integrated AAI built on
federated access.

This session will give an opportunity to briefly report on the current
AARC project, but mostly it is meant to consult different groups on what
AARC follow up (2017-2019) should cover.

The WG session is especially for those involved in VOs and e-research.

Possible topics:
* ask participants to indicate what are their 2 top priorities should
they be given a certain budget
* what kind of training would be really effective?
* would providing consultancy and/or support help to increase the uptake of federated access? If yes, what kind of of support? And what would be the most effective way to provide it?
* digital/persistent identifiers (i.e ORCID) what are they requirements for
* should we be looking at a support for dataset in two year time ? If so
which aspects?

[1] https://aarc-project.eu/


Speaker Alessandra Scicchitano G√ČANT

Primary track Trust and Identity

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