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Playing Chess with Identity: How Value-Chain Mapping Can Help You Plan Moves In Your IAM Program

Time 10/07/15 09:25AM-09:50AM

Room Room 25-C

Session Abstract

The value chains that deliver user authentication, web single sign-on, federation, trust, attribute release, and user consent have evolved in predictably amazing ways in research and education - from custom-built solutions, to new products and open source technologies, and now toward identity as a utility service. By analyzing these value chains through strategy mapping (aka Wardley Maps), we can relive this ride, observing how more visible needs, the user experience, and areas of differentiation have been supported by important but hidden parts of the value chain. In this session we'll review the evolution of these identity-related value chains at the University of Washington, seeking to increase our situational awareness and predict some of the strategic moves that TIER, InCommon, and other major players in the ecosystem might do to their strategic advantage.


Speaker Nathan Dors University of Washington

Primary track Trust and Identity

Secondary tracks Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership) CAMP 101

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