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VO Platform as a Service

Time 10/06/15 03:25PM-03:50PM

Room Room 26-BC

Session Abstract

In the last quarter of 2014, the GEANT project has started an activity
that investigates the conditions that would allow GEANT to provide
services to support Collaborative Organisations (CO). The activity is
currently ongoing and building a business case for delivering a
platform as a service offering. The final report will be delivered by
Sept 2015.

To identify the key requirements, the AAI needs from user communities
of eight small and large pan-European Collaborative Organisations were
gathered and reviewed. This then lead to the definition of an
architecture and a set of potential services that support those
requirements. A GAP analysis of existing tools and platforms was
preformed to identify potential software components. A white paper was
delivered to showcase the result of this phase.

Next the roles and involvement of the stakeholders were addressed.
Challenges range from trying to reduce the required technical skills
of the users in the CO to the involvement of the NRENs in delivering
and supporting a centralised GEANT operated infrastructure.

The study continues with addressing the delivery model. Various
aspects of the technical delivery model are considered, including
dealing with software and platform dependencies. The study also looks
at the financial sustainability of the platform and proposes a cost
model for various parts of the platform.

This paper will present the results of the activity, showcase
technical direction and the proposed model for sustaining the platform.


Speaker Niels Van Dijk SURFnet

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Primary track Trust and Identity

Secondary tracks Research CAMP 201

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