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Cloud Infrastructure in Support of Big Data Research

Time 10/05/15 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Room 25-A

Session Abstract

Scientific collaboration is increasingly data driven, forcing scientists to either become experts at data transfer, storage, and management, or accept that their ability to collaboratively build on each other’s work may suffer. This session addresses this challenge, with an emphasis on easing the burden on users, building a solution that is sustainable over the long term, leveraging existing infrastructure, and delivering performance that scales with the size of the collaboration.

The session focuses specifically on how to deploy a general-purpose data delivery platform that harnesses a collection of existing storage components to provide a global, scalable, and secure storage service. These include public and private cloud storage (for data durability), network caches and content distribution networks (for scalable read bandwidth), and local disks (for local read/write performance). The goal is to allow applications to access data independent of where it is stored, where the platform: (1) minimizes the operational overhead imposed on users, (2) maximizes the use of commodity infrastructure; and (3) maximizes aggregate I/O performance.


Speaker Larry Peterson Princeton University

Speaker Gurudatta Parulkar Stanford University

Presentation Media

Primary track Research

Secondary tracks Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

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