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Drivers, Solutions, and Experiments in Data Movement for Health and Life Sciences

Time 10/07/15 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Grand Ballroom A

Session Abstract

Health Care and Life Sciences research has reached a critical point; the field can now generate massive amounts of data quickly and cheaply. This increase in data quantity is largely thanks to advancements in genomic sequencing technologies and the associated analysis pipelines that help make discoveries possible. Life sciences is relatively new to petascale data generation, and the IT departments of those organizations were largely not prepared for the data onslaught and the needs of scientists and clinicians. A compounding problem for clinicians and clinical research is compliance with the hefty federal regulations surrounding the storage, transfer, and use of medically-related data, which has resulted in severely clamped down security controls as a mechanism to comply with those regulations. Thus, the field has found itself largely paralyzed from being able to effectively transfer data from the source of data generation to compute facilities that can process them. Many developments in research-based networks have occurred, and many lessons have been learned. This session will highlight the problems, some general solutions that have been implemented, and some new experiments in networking that show some promise for alleviating the data-transfer bottleneck in Life Sciences.


Speaker Chris Dagdigian BioTeam, Inc.

Speaker Ari Berman BioTeam, Inc.

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Primary track Research

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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