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Distributed High Throughput Computation: A Campus Roundtable Discussion

Time 10/06/15 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Room 25-A

Session Abstract

Distributed high throughput computation is concerned with the optimization of computing resources distributed over large geographic distances and shared between organizations such as university HPC centers, national cyber facilities or cloud resources. Incorporating the use of all such resources available to a researcher in a way that naturally fits the required science process can dramatically transform productivity for many research domains having computations with certain characteristics. Questions arise such as:

  • Does the science workflow involve computations that can be split into many independent jobs?

  • Can individual jobs be run on a single processor (as opposed to a single large-scale MPI job simultaneously utilizing many processors)?

  • Can applications be interrupted and restarted at a later time or on another processor or computing site?

  • Is the application software “portable”?

  • How does computing fit into the overall science workflow? Are results needed immediately after submission or can other work go on while waiting for computations to complete?

  • Do computations require access to or produce huge amounts of data?

The session will describe case studies from research groups that have successfully transitioned to using both local and distributed resources, and will pose questions about supporting such researchers in the local research computing center context. Approaches and issues for elastically extending the campus condominium cluster, channeling large scale data intensive workloads to the Open Science Grid, leadership HPC centers or to commercial cloud providers will be discussed. Talks/speakers for this session are:

  • Title: Recognizing Science Applications Suitable for High Throughput Computation

    Speaker: Rob Gardner, University of Chicago, rwg@uchicago.edu

  • Title: Making High Throughput Computing Easy: A Case Study in Computational Neuroimaging

    Speaker: Don Krieger, University of Pittsburgh, kriegerd@upmc.edu

  • Title: Transparently Connecting Campus Users and Resources to the National Cyberinfrastructure

    Speaker: Barr von Oehsen, Clemson University, joehsen@clemson.edu


Speaker Robert Gardner University of Chicago

Speaker Barr von Oehsen Clemson University

Speaker Don Krieger University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Human Limitation to Supercomputing Use

Speaker Don Krieger University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus

Primary track Research

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