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Using SciPass to Support Large Data Flows

Time 10/06/15 03:20PM-03:40PM

Room Grand Ballroom A

Session Abstract

We have begun evaluating the potential use of SciPass for large data flows that are typical of high end computing and big data computing environments. NASA high end computing facilities exchange traffic with external researchers that is expected to grow from several gigabits/second to many 10’s of gigabits/second in the near future. To reduce pressure on firewalls and related traffic inspection systems, and to improve the ability to transfer data over wide area networks at high speed, a system that can detect and provide special handling of large flows is desired. We believe there are a class of data flows that can be well defined and thus are amenable to such special handling. SciPass shows significant promise as an element of such a system. This presentation provides a summary of our experience in evaluating SciPass in a pre-production environment, details of our test environment, and a possible approach to demonstrating the capability in a pilot Science DMZ.


Speaker Mark Foster NASA - AMES Research Center

Presentation Media

media item thumbnail Using SciPass to Support Large Data Flows

Speaker Mark Foster NASA - AMES Research Center

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

Secondary tracks Research

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