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What Happens When the Science DMZ Meets the Commodity Internet?

Time 10/05/15 10:20AM-10:40AM

Room Room 26-BC

Session Abstract

Many major universities now have 40G-100G Internet2 R&E peering points that allow fairly unfettered bandwidth to the respective university Science DMZs and Data Transfer Nodes. Several large commodity storage providers have started to offer services such as "free unlimited commodity" storage to .EDU and other institutions. These storage providers might also offer specialized storage services for fee. Not all of these storage providers have Internet2 Research and Education connectivity, or, even realize that they are working with R&E scale bursty traffic vs. typical aggregate commodity traffic. End researchers might explore different use cases of utilizing services beyond what the vendor originally envisioned.

How do we protect the community, the vendors, and the collaborative network environments, and not impede the innovation? Beyond education and working tightly with the research community and the vendors, should Internet2 and the community support different flow based tools that might help in rapid manual or even automatic traffic engineering?


Speaker Joseph Breen University of Utah

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

Secondary tracks Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

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