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A Smarter DWDM/OTN Layer in Your Network: Alien Waves, Fast SMP and Router Bypass

Time 10/07/15 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Room 26-BC

Session Abstract

The main objective of this session will be to discuss how European R&E networks are working to achieve greater utility and efficiency from their existing optical infrastructure. In this session we will discuss recent field trial results and network changes that have been implemented. We will discuss how these changes will achieve improved levels of performance and will lower the cost of delivering the optical transmission layer of the GÉANT network.

The following techniques have been investigated and in some cases implemented the GÉANT network:
- Use of alien waves to increase the utilization of the R&E community fiber.
- Use of OTN layer to flexibly add router bypass to reduce the number of router interfaces.
- Use of integrated layer 2 aggregation in our optical platform to consolidate traffic.
- Use of Fast Shared Mesh Protection (Fast SMP).

This session will involve joint presentations from GÉANT and vendors (e.g., Infinera). The GÉANT presentation will focus on the transmission infrastructure challenges in the European NREN (National Research and Education Network) community. The main focus will be the recent incorporation of alien waves into the GÉANT network.

There has been a lot of interest by large content providers in the use of ‘alien wave’ techniques. The use of alien waves allows providers to keep control over their optical layer OAM and maintain their Layer 1 GMPLS control plane. This can be done at in a more cost-effective way than would be possible if the provider were to buy their own fiber and light it themselves.

We will report the recently installed GÉANT alien wave between Amsterdam and Hamburg that transits the SURFnet fiber. This presentation will include the technical results of the field trial, a discussion of the economic implications for our community and our plans for further use of alien waves.

GÉANT is seeking to extract greater value out of our existing optical infrastructure. To achieve this we are planning to enable router bypass on our OTN layer. GÉANT will report on our investigations into cost benefits in operating our network. In conjunction with this we are planning to make use of layer 2 aggregation cards in our optical transport platform. The investigations into this work will be discussed and the will be benefits analyzed.

Infinera will present on the latest technology available on their optical platform to perform Fast Shared Mesh Protection. This presentation will describe the new technology and how it can be used to optimize performance and save costs on the IP layer.


Speaker Guy Roberts GÉANT

Speaker Soumya Roy Infinera Corporation

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

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