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SDN-IP Peering: A Global SDN Deployment

Time 10/06/15 02:00PM-02:20PM

Room Grand Ballroom A

Session Abstract

Recently, Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) has successfully deployed its SDN Open Networking Operating System (ONOS) on both production and research networks, thus creating a global, isolated network facility, entirely based on OpenFlow.

The network deployed is able to provide Layer3 connectivity to the end-users - via BGP - with no need of any legacy router in the network core. The actual facility interconnects United States (Internet2 AL2S), Brazil, Chile (AMLight) and Europe (GEANT and GARR), linking together universities, research centers and RENs. More than 40 switches from different vendors (i.e. Juniper and Brocade in the Internet2 network) are controlled by four ONOS clusters geographically distributed and administratively isolated.

While the solution deployed is quite transparent to the end-users, operators can instead instantly benefit of it reducing the capex costs and improving system manageability. Furthermore, ONOS brings with it all the benefits of SDN as well as carrier grade functionality, including high performance, HA and scaleout.

The solution deployed is able to a) enable the provisioning of L3 connectivity without using legacy routers in the network core; b) transform ASs running OpenFlow into IP (BGP) transit networks; c) allow an SDN network to seamlessly connect to the rest of the Internet using BGP, thus providing a powerful migration strategy; d) aggregate different SDN administrative domains into BGP confederations, thus making the the control plane more scalable.

These deployments have allowed the ONOS community to show the platform and the applications ability to work with heterogeneous hardware devices, at scale, in a real network scenario and have also generated useful feedback that is now included as part of the requirements for upcoming ONOS releases.


Speaker Luca Prete Open Networking Laboratory

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Speaker Luca Prete Open Networking Laboratory

Primary track Advanced Networking/Joint Techs

Secondary tracks Research

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