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The Stateful Condition: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Cloud

Time 10/05/15 03:30PM-04:20PM

Room Room 25-B

Session Abstract

Over the last several years, much discussion has occurred about a "stateless cloud". The ability for an application to run and not be reliant on its underlying infrastructure to be static. The reality is that most of the applications, and the traditional on-premise infrastructure model is stateful. Virtualization technology and the hypervisor abstracted the workload from the hardware, permitting a workload to float between rack "U"s, and potentially between racks, but rarely between data centers or farther. The application still needed to respect network and security boundaries.

The cloud provides the benefit of further layers of abstraction, pushing the boundary of where the application can “float” to different data center, or even different regions throughout the US and the world. This presents a significant number of considerations when deploying, running, and updating an application.

This session will explore the evolution of the application to the cloud, discuss considerations for application deployment, at peak at the future of application abstraction.


Speaker Sara Jeanes Internet2

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Primary track Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

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