2015 Technology Exchange

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2015 Technology Exchange

Envision. Collaborate. Innovate.

Envision. Collaborate. Innovate. It was the theme for the 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange. And that’s exactly what happened. Not surprising, since it’s what the research and education community does on a daily basis. And what the Internet2 community has been doing for a very long time, in fact.

Of Note

  • Envision: Computing, networking, and storage seen not as separate, siloed disciplines, but integrated pieces of an ever-widening technology landscape.
  • Collaborate: Frictionless, capable, global.
  • Innovate: Not incremental improvements—breakthroughs that define what’s next and launch research and education (R&E) into the future.

The Technology Exchange convenes U.S. and global technology leaders and visionaries including pioneers, technologists, architects, scientists, operators and students in the fields of networking, security, trust and identity, virtualization, cloud services, high-performance computing, and storage to share expertise in a forum designed to facilitate the cross-pollination of technical ideas and information. Together, 2015 Technology Exchangers advanced the state of the art in all these areas, forged new connections between them, and redefined the future of R&E.

It was our sincere pleasure to welcome all attendees to the 2015 Technology Exchange, October 4–7, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Presented by Internet2, the event was hosted by Case Western Reserve University in partnership with OARnet and the Ohio Valley Internet2 Consortium with local support from OneCommunity.

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