2015 Internet2 Global Summit

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Community Showcase: L2-L7 Based Service Redirection with SDN/OpenFlow

Time 04/29/15 02:00PM-02:30PM

Room Congressional Hall Foyer

Session Abstract

SDN enables an entirely new toolset for dealing with surging traffic growth, huge increases in connected devices, virtualization and the cloud. This provides rich opportunities for research and solutions for solving network challenges in ways that were previously not possible. This talk will show how SDN and OpenFlow can be used to build an agile environment that responds to these challenges with resilience and scale. These capabilities are based on the Network Processor implementation of the OpenFlow switch protocol developed at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which has since been extended to include the full OpenFlow 1.3 specification, and features a packet payload matching and flow handling capability exposed via the OpenFlow Experimenter interface. This feature enables redirection of traffic according to upper layer (L4-L7) content, not just traditional packet header information, making it possible to use open source software to deliver network functions previously available only from expensive middle boxes:

•Routing (Project Vandervecken)

•Broadband access


•Content filtering

•Access Control List, for BYOD

•Admission control

•Service Chaining

•Enhanced security

The demo will show how this L2-L7 capability was used to implement GTP based load balancing of multiple video streams, a basic Firewall capability, and a VxLAN multitenancy solution.


Speaker Marc LeClerc NoviFlow

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